Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday 5: An Overwhelming Start to 2016

1. Well, it turns out some of you Fellow Adventurers have actually missed me the last two weeks. I’m super flattered. Contrary to popular belief, flattery will get you everywhere with me. So, why the radio silence on the blog? 2016 has been a little overwhelming. Not only has getting over shingles been a little more difficult than I anticipated, there have been a few other big events that have demanded lots of time and energy. Lots of things have been lots of crazy this last six weeks.

2. After a January that I was hopeful was not indicative of what 2016 has in store for me, February waited exactly three days to punch The Intrigues in the gut, or, more appropriately, the nose. Amelia Earhart got in a collision playing flag football in PE. I got the call and, by the time I arrived at school, her nose had stopped bleeding, but the school nurse thought it might be broken. Off we went to the ER, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Arthur Dent in tow. On the way there, I did my best to reach The International Man of Intrigue, which isn’t always easy, since he is banned from having a cell phone at work and he’s not often at his desk. Once I finally managed to reach him, he left work immediately to meet us at the ER. Of course, he got pulled over for speeding on the way there. At that point, I started to find the whole thing very funny. In the end, I stopped laughing, and we found out that Amelia Earhart’s nose is cracked, but properly aligned, so no need for any intervention. Along the way, we were constantly reminded how tough she is by all the medical professionals. She’s also anxious to rejoin her after school flag football team. That’s my girl.

3. We’re giving up our sanity and diapers for Lent. Potty training starts on Friday for Laura Ingalls Wilder. We do the hardcore, straight to underwear method. It’s brutal, but it works and then it’s over. 

4. Today, Laura Ingalls Wilder left her favorite doll, Baby Niki, at Target. It required a trip back to claim her from Guest Services. Laura Ingalls Wilder is currently sitting beside me, throwing papers onto the floor. I think this is why I’m tired this year. 

5. The most important piece of news in 2016 is that the giant government military complex has told us it’s time to pack up and move again. The Intrigues are Hawaii bound this summer. It wasn’t our first (or second, third, or fourth) choice of assignments, but it will definitely be an adventure. I don’t think there is any way to move to an active volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and not have adventures!

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