Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tuesday 5: It's Still Tuesday on My Island Edition

1. *cracks knuckles* Let’s see, I think I remember how to type. It’s been a while, I checked. I’ve blogged four times since we left Florida. In some ways, it’s been a tough transition to island life, including finding out that The International Man of Intrigue will be undertaking a year long deployment before too long. So, I’m about to be marooned on a tropical island with four kids and no husband. Good times.

2. I’m watching a whole bunch of stuff right now. Season 3 of “The Fall” is disappointing from a plot standpoint, but still a winner from a writing and Gillian Anderson angle. “This Is Us” is the only thing we’ve picked up that’s new, and it’s been well worth it. I started “Bloodline” because a friend works on the show, but The International Man of Intrigue wasn’t super hip on it, so I’m saving it for later. I also binge “Gilmore Girls” every time I have a little while to myself. Anything I’m missing, Fellow Adventurers?

3. I’ve cleared a number of people off of my social media friends lists lately. I’m sure they think it’s something personal, that they’re too right wing or too left wing or too something. Mostly it was too much negative. Not the negative that’s sad because their party lost or upset because the other party is protesting, but the negative that uses terms like “libtard” and “crybaby” or “deplorables” and “racists” and generalizing about an entire group. I’m not perfect by any means. Sometimes I’m mean and negative and not very pleasant, too. I just know myself and I know that I have to surround myself with positive to get through the year adventure of being marooned on a tropical island with my kids while my husband is off somewhere third-world-y.

4. I’m kind of at a loss. You’d think I’d have more to say since I’ve been mostly saving up my words for months now. Not so. Since I have nothing of value to say, let’s go back to an old standby. What are you reading, Fellow Adventurers? I’m finishing up “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay,” to be followed by “Britt-Marie Was Here,” which is the sequel to a book I loved, “My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry.”

5. Finally, the Little Explorers: Laura Ingalls Wilder is turning into quite a little girl. She’s in that fun stage where she imagines and sings and dances and it’s darling. Arthur Dent has grown leaps and bounds since school started but he’s still my little guy. His jam right now is “Say Geronimo” by Sheppard. He loves to sing it at top volume. Amelia Earhart is on the robotics team at school and gives me a heart attack at least once a week when I realize she’s almost double digits in age. Gertrude Bell is having a cavity filled tomorrow. I’m petrified. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tuesday 5: It's Wednesday Edition

1. Yesterday, I walked down the street, introduced myself to a woman I’ve never met, and whisked her 9 month old away to my house. This is what happens in military life. Her husband is deployed, the movers were bringing her household goods, and a mutual friend, who is helping her with the mover’s inventory, texted me and asked if I could help out. I think I got the easy job- he’s a little red headed butterball and super sweet to boot. The best part is that my ovaries have in no way indicated that they’d like to see another Little Explorer after spending time with Butterball. It’s nice confirmation that baby fever does subside and four is a good number for us. Oh, and in a random twist, it turns out Butterball’s mom and dad are mutual friends of good friends of ours from college. (Cue “It’s a Small World.”)

2. The Labor Day holiday weekend was another short one for the Intrigue Family. As is so often the case, The International Man of Intrigue was traveling for most of the weekend. He returned from India on Sunday afternoon, and we did end up having an impromptu pizza and beer party in our driveway with some neighbors on Sunday night, as well as a cookout at the neighbors’ house on Monday. It ended up being a nice weekend, but clocking in at a day and a half, it was far too short.

3. The International Man of Intrigue and I just finished watching “Battlestar Galactica” and then binged watched Netflix’s “Stranger Things” in about three days. “Stranger Things” is part Stand By Me, part X-Files, and part Goonies. It is kind of scary, but really good!

4. I remember, when I was first out on my own, half my life ago, that I had a revelation. I was brought up to eat whatever was on my plate, even if I didn’t care for it. When I was at the grocery store, alone, with my own money, I realized I never had to eat canned creamed corn again. It’s taken me until recently to realize the same applies to books. I’ve always been a voracious reader. I’ll read about anything I can get my hands on, even the label on the creamed corn. Earlier this year, I started reading a book, realized it wasn’t my cup of tea, and quit reading it. That was sort of a watershed moment for me. I started thinking about what the books I really enjoy have in common and have done a better job of choosing what I want to read. It turns out I’ve been skipping out on mysteries and detective novels, which I love, because I don’t like scary books, and these often overlap with suspense or horror, but if I’m careful, I can find books in this genre I really enjoy. I also enjoy books set during either of the world wars. I discovered (thanks to Mrs. British Neighbor) the Ian Rutledge mysteries by Charles Todd. Detective novels set shortly after The Great War are currently my cup of tea. 

5. I was texting with the mom of a student in Gertrude Bell’s class. We were bemoaning our kids’ after school behavior and I mentioned that I was having a late afternoon cup of coffee to hopefully make it through until bedtime. She said it was time to switch to wine. I got to wondering, why is there not caffeinated wine? Or caffeinated booze in general? Someone make this happen.