Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tuesday 5: Shingles Hobbies

1. Want to know something fun, Fellow Adventurers? Not having shingles. Yours truly can’t wait to not have shingles.  Apparently shingles is the chicken pox virus that has lain dormant and hidden out in your body, waiting for the perfect time, when you're completely stressed out, to reemerge. It’s painful and adds an extra special something when I’m chasing four Little Explorers around while the International Man of Intrigue is out of the country.

2. Today, in the interest of trying to slow down a bit so I can kick this disease, I put on some TV in the middle of the morning, something I’m not usually inclined to do. I found that PBS on Roku had the Library of Congress Gershwin Awards honoring Willie Nelson. It was a great hour and a half of TV. I got a little misty eyed when Willie cried while Allison Kraus and Jamey Johnson did a duet of “Seven Spanish Angels.” 

3. Today is Arthur Dent’s birthday. Since we’re saving cake and presents for tomorrow when The International Man of Intrigue gets back, I figured we’d better mark the day somehow. I decided to do myself a favor and make it takeout from PDQ, complete with milkshakes for the kids. They were excited and I didn’t have to cook. Another little rest.

4. I’m also reading. I read some silly chick lit book and I’m in the middle of “Unbroken,” but it’s too serious for my current state of being. I checked out “The Paris Wife” from the library, but I’m thinking maybe something funny would be more called for as I try to relax a bit. Any suggestions?

5. On that note, the doctor prescribed me 800 mg of ibuprofen to be taken three times a day. It takes the edge off the pain for about an hour or so. It’s time for a dose and a short period of relief before bed! I'm also taking any and all suggestions for relaxing things to do while I recover. Aside from the pain, I don't feel exhausted or ill, so it's hard to think of just lying on the couch. Any ideas? Have a great week, Fellow Adventurers.

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