Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tuesday 5: Sexism and Why We Can't Have Nice Things

1. From the “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” file, Arthur Dent threw a ball at the window that sits recessed a foot or so above our front door and managed to hit and knock down a piece of stained glass that was resting there. It fell all the way to the floor and broke. Any of you Fellow Adventurers know someone who does stained glass? I’m not sure I want to outlay the funds required to replace it at the moment, but it was one of my favorite things. 

2. Star Wars spoiler………….I have decided that Kylo Ren’s full real name is Ben Chewbacca Organa-Solo. It only makes sense.

3. Speaking of Star Wars, those of you I’m friends with on Facebook will know, I was at Target yesterday, and in an aisle full of Star Wars toys, there were ZERO Rey toys. Without rehashing that status, I will say that it was interesting to me to see the different reactions. The women generally agreed, some even pointing out that the Monopoly game doesn’t come with her as a game piece, while the men chalked it up to things like the Rey toys not being produced because there wasn't sufficient demand, or wondering if they were sold out. All these people are my friends, and I consider them all very good people, but I will say, it’s definitely indicative of the subtle undercurrent of sexism that runs through society as a whole. Without being incensed or ranting, the women took it as a matter of course that the female character, even though she is the main character of the movie, was left out. 

4. I’ve gone back to the paper planner for 2016, in addition to using my phone. So far, I already feel a bit more capable of keeping up on things than before, mainly because I can jot down things as I wander by instead of having my to-do lists, well, everywhere. 

5. From the geek side: If things like Star Wars, Star Trek, the X-Files, and Mystery Science Theater can come back and be awesome, can Joss Whedon PLEASE get The Scoobies back together for a revival of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?!?!

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