Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tuesday Random 5: MattDamonMattDamon

1. Today for dinner I made Nu Ways. If you don’t know what that is, it’s ok. It just means you didn’t grow up in or near Wichita, KS. In Iowa, they’re called Maid Rites. I think the generic term is a loose meat sandwich. Anyway, they’re yummy, and I don’t think I’d had them in at least 15 years.

2. I just started reading what seems to be one of the hottest books of the year. “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr is very good so far, although I’m not too far into it. It’s set in World War two, which is a time period I find fascinating. What are you reading?

3. Last night, The International Man of Intrigue told me there’ s a new movie called ‘The Martian’ coming out in November, based on a book he read. I told him I’d be thrilled to see it with him for our anniversary. The International Man of Intrigue thought I was being disingenuous. He says I only want to see it because it has Matt Damon in it. Now, I’m here to tell you, The International Man of Intrigue and I are not one of those couples that has a celebrity freebie list a la “Friends.” However, a la “How I Met Your Mother,” if he were to die of a horrible hiccuping disease, and Matt Damon’s wife were to die of a horrible hiccuping disease, then I wouldn’t kick Matt Damon out of bed for eating crackers. (If you don’t get the TV show references, just let me translate by saying, I have a little celebrity crush on Matt Damon, but The International Man of Intrigue is the love of my life.)

4. Amelia Earhart has a book project for school based on a famous person’s biography. She chose Wangari Maathai, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. Amelia Earhart is fascinated by Wangari Maathai because she graduated from the same college that The International Man of Intrigue and I did, and was actually a classmate of The International Man of Intrigue’s Godmother, Favorite Aunt Susie. Ameila Earhart was so excited about the project that she finished it well before its due date and with no complaining. Because of this, I agreed to sew her a dress and headband so she could dress as Wangari Maathai, since they are allowed to dress as their subjects when presenting their reports. I even helped make her a cardboard Nobel Peace Prize. Did I mention I’ve never sewn a dress before and I did this one with no pattern, just a tutorial from Pinterest? It’s not amazing, but it’s perfect for a costume. Facebook friends, you’re going to want to check out pictures on Friday.

5. News about the recent passing of the founder of Nutella, Michele Ferrero, left me practically powerless on my trip to Costco today. Despite a cart full of healthy and organic foods, somehow a two pack of jumbo tubs of Nutella ended up in my cart. It will be delicious on my organic sprouted grain toast. I think I might need a slice now.

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  1. I am currently reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler. It is so funny already. Good for Amelia for choosing Wangari! You are raising that future Raven right!