Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tuesday Random 5: I Can't Even Edition

Behold, a brief list of things I Can't Even right now. 

1. The heat. Seriously, it’s November and it was 90 degrees with a real feel of 97 today.  I will never get to wear that new lightweight cardigan I bought in September. Know that when I rub it in when you’re in 10 feet of snow during the winter that it’s just the leftover anger of being hot for so much of the year.

2. The Royals. My name is Dorothy Gale. I grew up in Kansas. I lived in Kansas City until I married The International Man of Intrigue. I went to Royals and Chiefs games. It’s hard work being an every day Kansas City sports fan. Now they’ve gone and won the World Series. I had a feeling when Game 5 was tied up in the 9th and going to extra innings that the Royals would win. Extra innings are what that team was made for. Today, Kansas City basically shut down for a huge parade and pep rally. Seeing all the pictures from my friends and even reading status updates from the ones who were watching it on TV in Kansas City really got me misty eyed. 

3. Daylight Savings Time. I hate it. I hate when it ends because that magical extra hour of sleep isn’t real, people. It’s the one that was ripped away from you back in the spring, remember? Also, it makes my kids get up insanely early and have meltdowns at bedtime every day for a week. As one of my friends said, let’s just stop lying about time, mmmkay?

4. All the movies and shows that are coming back around. The new Star Wars movie is out in a couple of months. A new Star Trek is coming out in 2017. The X-Files Revival starts in January. It’s like a Generation X-ers nerd dream. Now if only Scully’s shoes will come back in style.

5. My new glasses. I got the call today that my new glasses and sunglasses are ready. I had to get new ones after Laura Ingalls Wilder broke mine, if you recall. Usually, it takes at least two weeks for mine to be ready, because, well, I’m practically blind. I was expecting them to take another week and they’re here! I’m picking them up tomorrow!

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