Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tuesday 5: In which I momentarily get serious. Just momentarily.

Tuesday again, already? More like second Monday. 

1. I decided I’d try to start listening to audiobooks in the car. I’m there enough, I thought it might be a good way to better myself without trying too hard. Turns out my mini van doesn’t agree. It ate disc three of the book I was listening to and refuses to give it back. It’s just some sci-fi junk novel I checked out of the library to see if I liked the audio book idea, so it’s not fine literature, but I CHECKED IT OUT OF THE LIBRARY. I give up trying to be literate in the car. (And, yes, fellow adventurers, I know about Audible, but I don’t want to pay money. I’m cheap like that.)

2. We watched Aziz Ansari’s new show on Netflix, Master of None. It was surprising and not at all what we expected. While it’s definitely got plenty of laugh out loud moments, the funny has an undercurrent of biting social commentary. Sexism, racism, and a list of other social issues get explored. Good stuff.

3. I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing more than the Tuesday 5. I’ve written a little piece of fiction every week for the past three weeks. Maybe I’ll start my novel someday. 

4. [Insert well thought out discussion of refugee crisis and terror attacks here.] Seriously, though, I know this blog usually remains lighthearted, but the things I’ve seen not only in the news, but in my own facebook feed this week have brought me to my knees. I don’t think people who think letting refugees into this country are cruel and unfeeling, and I think they have valid reasons to be concerned. I also don’t think people who want to let the flood of refugees find safe haven here are wrong, and I admire their human kindness. What I do think is that people who say things like, “Refugees are coming, time to buy a gun,” and “The refugees are terrorists,” are harsh and wrong. The comment I read, “Make up your mind, is it ISIS or ISIL,” displays complete ignorance of basic knowledge of current events. Period. If you don’t know, getting refugee status to come into the USis one of the hardest ways to get into the United States. In Europe, the process is much different and refugees are not vetted the same way they are here. You can look at the State Department website HERE for more information. In any case, I have a hard time with it all. I understand the fear of letting ISIS in the door, and I don’t disagree. I get that lots of people rightly trust the government less than Fox Mulder did. I have an impossible time seeing pictures of children sleeping on the ground, or children drowning trying to escape terror, or children being killed by terrorists, and thinking we should do nothing. Should that include military intervention? Taking in refugees? Both? Neither? I think these are valid questions to explore at far more than face value--really dig deep into the reasons for or against, because there are lots of pros and cons to each. Our country’s foundation and our Christian belief system both tell me that ignoring the plight of innocents being killed and persecuted isn't right. The bottom line is that there aren’t any good answers—it’s a bad situation and one that isn’t easily fixable. I do think that any answer requires compassion and thought and not quick angry rhetoric. If you don't like hearing my opinion or don't want to have a discussion and instead spout opinions you picked up from your side only, feel free to unfriend me on social media and stop following my blog. I won't miss you. Now, back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

5. Now that it’s almost my kids’ bedtime, I’m going to sign out and pour a Captain Morgan and Diet Coke and do some cross stitching. There’s nothing better for relieving frustration than stabbing something 20,000 times. 

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  1. I'm with you, Dorothy. But I'm opening my coloring book!