Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tuesday Random 5: Food and People I Don't Like.

1. I almost forgot that today was Tuesday! It feels like Sunday around the Intrigue household. Amelia Earhart and Gertrude Bell are on spring break, so The International Man of Intrigue took two very rare days off work and yesterday we went to Disney World! It was perfect. The weather was pleasant and the Little Explorers behaved amazingly. We decided to spend the day at Animal Kingdom since we hadn’t been there since Amelia Earhart was a baby. It was a lot of fun, but not our favorite park. I will hand it to Disney, walking through the “Asia” section was remarkably like being back in South Asia, complete with the option to eat curry, which I politely declined. If you recall my deep dark secret, you’ll remember why.

2. Speaking of things I don’t eat, it’s strawberry season in Florida. The strawberries here look amazing. They are ginormous and can be had at a you-pick place for so cheap it’s shocking. Then there’s me. I can’t eat them. Occasionally, I’ll pay an exorbitant amount for some organic strawberries, but that’s about it. I wrote a long explanation as to why, but I decided not to ruin it for you, Fellow Adventurers. You’re welcome.

3. Tonight, we had brinner. That’s breakfast for dinner, if you need a translation. Again, things I don’t eat come into play. I made real bacon. I normally don't eat pork, so most of the time, we have turkey bacon. I love the way the house smells while the bacon is cooking, but I wish the smell wouldn’t linger for days.

4. It’s Girl Scout cookie season. I allowed myself one box. I couldn’t decide between Thin Mints and Tagalongs (chocolate covered peanut butter and cookies). In the end, I chose the Tagalongs, since there were less in the box, since that would mean less calories. Considering I ate the entire box in less than 24 hours, this was a wise choice.

5. The other day, The International Man of Intrigue and I were talking about a mutual acquaintance that we know pretty well. The International Man of Intrigue said, “I think I’m friends with him on Facebook.” I answered, “I don’t like him well enough to be friends with him on Facebook, and I have pretty low Facebook friend standards.” I did “declutter” my Facebook friends as part of my “40 Bags in 40 Days” lenten promise. I got rid of about 40 people, most of whom were just casual acquaintances that I didn’t know all that well.

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