Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tuesday 5: St. Paddy's and "MamaMommyMOOOOOOM!"

First, shout out to my girl, Millie, who is one of the original Tuesday Random 5-ers and is recovering from some pretty major surgery. You go, Mrs. Dubose!

1.Happy St. Paddy’s Day! This used to be my own personal holiday. All through my 20’s, I took St. Patrick’s Day off work and got up to lots of shenanigans, starting at a super early hour of the day. Now, I get up with lots of Little Explorers, starting at a super early hour of the day. Sometimes I wish I had a shillelagh. Instead, I suck it up, text my two BFFs and remind them that if we were ten years younger, we’d be drinking already, and take a moment to remember the Great WB Frog Tackle, and move along with my day. 

2. The Little Explorers were excited for St. Patrick’s Day, too. Amelia Earhart and Gertrude Bell wore green bows with shamrocks on them to school with their school uniforms. Arthur Dent even consented to wearing a polo shirt since it was his only green shirt. By 8:30 am, Arthur Dent was asking me, “When do we get to pinch people?” Over dinner, the girls expressed their disappointment at not getting to pinch even the people who weren’t wearing green today. I guess I know what their favorite part of the day would have been.

3. Speaking of Little Explorers, I currently go by three different names in this house. Laura Ingalls Wilder calls me “Mama,” finally, instead of “Bopbop.” Arthur Dent calls me “Mama” also. Gertrude Bell calls me “Mommy.” And, annoyingly, Amelia Earhart mostly calls me “Mom.” What is it, mothers, about that shift? It signals that they’re not babies anymore, but to me, I also find it exasperating. Yelling “Mama” at the top of your lungs, over and over, until I show up? Annoying. Yelling “Mooooom!” over and over? Nails on a chalkboard.

4. Laura Ingalls Wilder has developed two super awesome hobbies over the last few days. The first is throwing things into the trash. I think we’ve caught most of the things that have gone over the edge of the can, at least I hope so. The second is that she managed to knock out the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. She currently only goes up about four stairs before she decides she’s frightened, but since I can’t get the baby gate to function anymore, I’m spending lots of quality time teaching her to go “belly up, belly down” as I patiently wait for a baby gate part from Amazon to arrive tomorrow which may or may not solve our little problem.

5. So, The International Man of Intrigue and I made a deal a long time ago. I’d pay the bills, he’d do the big picture finances, and also take care of the taxes. The International Man of Intrigue mostly complies, but frequently uses the “Uncle Sam has asked me to leave the country during tax season” excuse. He’s also decided that excuse applies to issues with taxes. We got a sweet, kind letter from the IRS, asking us if we would mind terribly if we’d pay this extra amount for last year, since there seems to be a paperwork discrepancy. Just kidding. It said “Pay by April 8 or we’ll come and get you.” At this point, we’re not sure if the error was caused by H&R Block or the IRS. So, that’s fun to sort out. In his defense, The International Man of Intrigue wants to fix it, it’s just easier for me to do it. 

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