Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tuesday 5: Spring Break

It's spring break and we're at home for the week. I thought about taking the week off of blogging, but I didn't want to leave anyone disappointed. Here is a mini five:

1. Watching: The Americans. Exciting Russian spy stuff.

2. Reading: Not much of anything. I keep picking up several different books and reading a page here or there, but nothing has stuck yet.

3. Eating: I hosted two brunches last week. I served spinach and goat cheese with caramelized onion quiche at both of them. I make quiche a lot, but today I was called "The Quiche Whisperer." I am pretty good at quiche.

4. Mail: I've gotten a package every day this week. Yeah, it's only Tuesday, so that's two, but they were AWESOME. Yesterday was a box of hand me downs for Laura Ingalls Wilder, with a couple of goodies, including a Barnes and Noble gift card, tucked in for me. Today, I got a package from a friend with some little goodies for the Little Explorers and a journal for me! I just love good mail!

5. Eating (again): I'm shoving a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie in my face. I have to go. This demands concentration for full enjoyment. Happy Spring Break, Fellow Adventurers!

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