Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tuesday 5: Guess who checked out on the X-Files this week!

1. I’ve recently decided that I’d like to start carrying a microphone around in my purse, that way when I do something awesome or make an insightful statement, I can pull it out and drop it to the ground.

2. Tonight, after The International Man of Intrigue put Laura Ingalls Wilder to bed, we caught her on the video baby monitor trying to climb out of her crib. At 21 months, she’ll be the Little Explorer who attempted it at the earliest age, and she’s on the very petite end of the spectrum anyway, so also the shortest. The other Little Explorers just weren’t interested in climbing out, thank goodness. There is no way that Laura Ingalls Wilder is ready or sensible enough for a toddler bed, though, so things could get interesting.

3. My car is in the shop this week. In looking for some paperwork in the glove box, I realized there was paperwork from brake jobs and other repairs that date back two duty stations and are for an entirely different vehicle. It turns out my glove box is just the car version of the junk drawer. Speaking of which, I found a night light for a 220 volt plug near the junk drawer yesterday. We haven’t lived anywhere with a 220 volt power system for two and a half years. I have no idea where it materialized from, but that is the nature of the Intrigue Household. There’s really no point to guessing.

4. I keep seeing these commercials lately about only paying for what you need in a wireless plan. It’s these older people saying how they don’t need text or data. What I want to know is, can I get a plan with about 15 talk minutes a month? I don’t need phone on my phone plan. Text me all day long, reach me on social media, but don’t call. You’ll just end up listening to Laura Ingalls Wilder scream. 

5. Into the continuing saga of now famous people who were killed off in the X-Files before they were famous enters Bryan Cranston. The Breaking Bad star is the main character in Season 6, Episode 2 of the X-Files. He lasts until almost the end of the episode, when his head explodes. And that’s your Tuesday 5. (Drops mic.)

And, for your viewing pleasure, Bryan Cranston himself, dropping the mic:

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