Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tuesday 5: The Urgency of Fruit Snacks

1. The International man of Intrigue and I have been watching X-Files in the evenings. Last night, we watched one where Jack Black had a minor part. I love watching old programs and seeing people who are now famous in bit parts. 

2. My commitment to cheering others up with good mail is working well. I’ve sent out several fun cards and packages, both to people who requested to be on my “Happy Mail” list and those who haven’t. There are still lots of Fellow Adventurers with your names on the list who I haven’t gotten to yet. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten! If any other Fellow Adventurers want on the “Happy Mail” list, hit me up on Facebook.

3. I’ve been reading a lot lately, since it’s summer.  I have a lot of thoughts about “Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee, but that should probably be for another time. Other than that, I haven’t read anything outstanding in the past couple of weeks. Have you?

4. The other day, I was in the bathroom and Arthur Dent started pounding on the door. I told him to give me privacy and I’d be out in a minute. He shoved his package of fruit snacks under the bathroom door and said, “I just need you to open my gummies, mama.”

5. The summer seems to be flying by. The Little Explorers have gotten to have lots of adventures, and plenty of time with Legos and library books as well. When they’re fighting, I can’t wait for school to start in a month, but when they’re getting along or we’re having fun doing activities, I wish summer could last forever. 

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  1. I'm rereading the 39 Clues Series with Charlie as well as the Wings of Fire series, one of his favorites. I just started a book by MFK Fisher tonight--if you haven't read anything by her, you must try it. She's fabulous.