Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tuesday 5: In Which I back my car into the garage door.

1. Today, I backed the mini van into the garage door. We were trying to leave for Amelia Earhart’s end of year school concert, and Gertrude Bell was throwing a fit and refusing to get in the car. She was having a full on meltdown once we got everyone into the car, and at least a couple of other Little Explorers were yelling at her to stop yelling. It was pouring rain outside. I jumped in the van and opened the garage door. I was so flustered at the screaming, I forgot the garage door wasn’t up all the way yet and ran right into it. The top edge of the van hit the bottom edge of the garage door, and the garage door wouldn’t close because it was bent enough to trip the safety sensors. I had to pull the manual release to shut the door and leave for the concert. I didn’t have a great day at all, so this was the icing on the cake. 

2. The International Man of Intrigue is the cool head when I lose it. He was completely calm when I called him screaming and cursing in the middle of a rainstorm and ranting about a broken garage door and torn up mini van. He was completely chill about hanging out in the garage this evening, after the Little Explorers were in bed, bending everything back to straight and screwing new anchors into the three support beams in the door I’d managed to crush. He even reminded me that our car is a beater and the scrapes on the top don’t matter, it matters that everyone is safe. We’re really holding out for the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer, anyway, he says. The clincher is that he even managed to make me feel not horrible about the fact that I’d basically taught The Little Explorers every swear word I know (which is a really, really, really lot) by reminding me to use it as a teaching tool about what happens when we get upset and distracted and why we need to work together when we’re doing a family activity. Yeah, I totally hit the jackpot on this guy. Sorry, ladies, he’s taken!

3. The other day, we were driving home from school and Gertrude Bell piped up from the back seat with a pressing weather-related question. “Is there really such a thing as a snowstorm?” Arthur Dent piped in, “Yeah, like in Frozen? But real snow?” Clearly we’ve lived in the heat for far too much of their tiny Little Explorer lives.

4. I’ve already reviewed it on Facebook, but if you’re looking for an amazing book to read, pick up “The Seasons of Trouble: Life Amid the Ruins of Sri Lanka’s Civil War” by Rohini Mohan. It’s incredibly worth your time and is the current front runner for my favorite book of 2015. 

5. Everything I’ve read on the internet today has made me a bit grouchy. Ok, fine. I was already grouchy. It exacerbated my crankiness. I have strong opinions on most things, so I could go into a five page rant about how, if you think a mother nursing her child in a restaurant should go do it in the restroom, you can take your food and go eat it in the restroom so her nursing won’t disturb you. I could also rant about a bunch of other hot button issues, but instead, I’m going to put this craptastic day on ice. By on ice, I mean ice with vodka and Diet Coke in it. Dorothy Gale out! Peace!

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