Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tuesday 5: The End of the Internet and Lightswitch Raves

1. We’ve reached the end of the internet, or at least the end of the Netflix and Hulu in this house. Generally speaking, after we put the Little Explorers to bed, The International Man of Intrigue and I settle in for a little television. We don’t have cable, but we subscribe to Netflix and Hulu Plus. This week, we officially ran out of things to watch. Our “regular” shows, like Blacklist and Grimm and Modern Family and The Middle are over for the season, and we seem to have binge watched every series on Netflix that we’re interested in. We particularly enjoyed Arrested Development and Doctor Who and especially Sherlock. It doesn’t help that when Netflix provides recommendations, they’re completely skewed by the shows my kids watch. No, Netflix, I would not enjoy an entire category of talking dog movies. Not at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2. Thursday, I’m leaving on a jet plane! The International Man of Intrigue managed to actually get the entire holiday weekend off of work, which rarely happens. I am about one hundred percent sure that it was only because his lovely wife has U2 tickets and plane tickets. I’m going to meet up with Hedy Lamar (who visited me in Sri Lanka) and our other BFF for a nice relaxing girls’ weekend and concert. I’ve only managed to do this one other time since we moved here, and it’s been over a year and a half. I’m ready for a mini vacation!

3. Since there are less than three weeks of school left, it makes sense I’d discover a new way to be productive: Carline. I used to try to read a book or magazine, but I realized I was having too many interruptions by Arthur Dent and by having to keep nudging the car forward. The last couple of days, I’ve plugged my iPod into the stereo and put on my favorite podcast and tackled little bits of paperwork. Monday, I completed Amelia Earhart and Gertrude Bell’s summer camp forms. Today, I wrote thank you notes from my birthday. Tomorrow? Who knows?

4. Yes, that’s right, I celebrated a birthday over the weekend. It was definitely anticlimactic. It’s the year before a “milestone” birthday, so that’s uninspiring on it’s own. Then, Thursday, the day before my day, I came down with the flu. It was full on fever, chills, body aches flu. I spent a good portion of the day on the couch and the rest of it dragging myself up to change diapers and pick up Little Explorers from school. I think they had cereal for dinner. I’m not sure. Luckily, Friday I felt well enough to sit up long enough for a small piece of delicious carrot cake. Saturday, Gertrude Bell came down with the mess, so my already delayed birthday dinner was takeout from Chipotle.

5. In this week’s episode of What Cute Thing is Laura Ingalls Wilder Doing Now: She’s discovered the switch at the bottom of the refrigerator that makes the light go on and off when the door opens and closes. Now, every time she’s near and I open the fridge, she pokes the switch on and off. It’s a Lightswitch Rave! (Ten thousand brownie points to the Fellow Adventurer who gets that reference. It’s a wee bit obscure.)

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