Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tuesday 5: Imaginaries and Phonies

1. Arthur Dent has imaginary friends. Yes, friends. Two. One is a robot named Robot. The other is an imaginary brother named—you’ll never, never guess this one, Fellow Adventurers—Spaceship. Yes, an imaginary brother named Spaceship.

2. Arthur Dent is on a roll lately. Tonight he was talking on his pretend phone to “The Professor” (another imaginary friend?) and said, “Yes, my big sister Amelia Earhart is weird. There’s something wrong in there.” I’ll just leave that there with no further comment.

3. I just finished reading, “Ladies’ Night” by Mary Kay Andrews. I used to love her books- chick lit mysteries. This was definitely a light read, but it was also predictable. Oh, here we go, the protagonists are finally together. Well, there’s still a third of the book left. I’m sure there will be a misunderstanding that causes them to break up or fight. Yes. There it is. So, it was a nice mindless escape, but no great read.

4. Speaking of literary things, I saw a t-shirt today that said, “Holden Caulfield thinks you're a phony.” That’s genius.

5. How is your Easter? Sunday was a lot of fun. We got up super early and went to sunrise Mass, then came home and took a nap. We had another family over for lunch and instead of cooking a giant meal, had a make your own panini bar. It was low stress and everyone was sure to like their sandwich. Today, I went to Target and bought new plastic eggs. We have a hodgepodge collection of eggs from many years of egg hunts and school parties. Now that our kids are getting a bit older, they’re getting more competitive about finding eggs, so I bought the cheap single color dozen in four different colors, so everyone can have their own color to find and no one will be able to find most of the eggs.

BONUS: The International Man of Intrigue and I have been watching “Arrested Development” and, while we find a lot of it funny, for the last few days, we have been laughing hysterically at Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog. (Even if you don’t watch the show, say that out loud a few times.) Sometimes we just say it and laugh. HYSTERICAL.

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