Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tuesday 5: Quick and Vain Edition

1. I feel like my lips are turning the same color as my face. Sometimes I see pictures of myself and you can’t even tell I have lips. I’ve been looking for a long lasting lip color and have even bought some pricier ones. Today, I hit lip color gold! Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lip Color in Natural Blush. I picked it up at Target this morning and put it on around 10:30. It’s 8:30 pm, and it’s still on! 

2. To cut or not to cut my hair? I’ve always had short hair, but it seems like lately I can’t get to the salon. I have only had my hair cut twice since Laura Ingalls Wilder was born. I’m trying to get an appointment for the long weekend, but part of me wonders if I should even bother. I just wish my hair wasn’t so limp and stringy looking when it’s long.

3. Speaking of hair, I had to buy Laura Ingalls Wilder some new hair product today. I’m not sure what her hair will be like as she gets older, but for now, the back is getting kind of frizzy, so it was time to apply a little more moisture. It’s a little complicated taking care of hair that is completely unlike yours. 

4. I miss wearing earrings. I’m excited for Laura Ingalls Wilder to get past the stage where she wants to rip them out of my ear lobes. 

5. Lastly, I got a new phone case. My other one was getting stretched out. I replaced it with one that has more rubber lining and also has the lyrics to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on it in a fun handwriting font. Happiness.

So, any makeup must haves out there? Anyone else have disappearing lips? What should I do about my hair?

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  1. I rarely take the time to apply makeup, do whenever I do, I always get someone that says I look really nice that day. I must look like loop every other day. I have a friend with a mixed race daughter and she orders a bunch of stuff from somewhere online. I want to say it's the Mixed Chicks products. I have heard great things about them.