Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dorothy Gale's Day Off

Grr...I've been trying to post this for several weeks, but Blogger and I are locked in a battle of wills, apparently. I will it to go back to its old interface which kept my font uniform and nice without a lot of trouble, and it wills me to throw a tantrum while it repeatedly refuses to upload any pictures for me. Blogger was winning until today. Now, here I am with the post you didn't know you've been waiting for since September 14.
I think I mentioned in passing during my last blog post that my sister was here to visit. Well, on one of our adventures, our lives took a turn for the awesome. There we were, driving up Galle Road when we suddenly found ourselves in a parade! Oh yes, it was exactly like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, if Ferris had skipped school in Sri Lanka and wound up in a cricket parade instead of a German themed one--so, not really the same at all. But seriously, how often are you just driving around and suddenly find yourself in a parade? Never? Well, Fellow Adventurers, I can now say, "This one time..." and I have photographic evidence! For some reason, since we were on a quick shopping trip, the only camera we had with us was my sister's phone camera. Pardon the not-the-best photos, but imagine yourself there, driving along, realizing the entire right lane of the road (but not the rest--this is Colombo after all) has been blocked off for a parade and there is music and dancing and fun!
The parade was to celebrate the big T20 Cricket Tournament that is still going on here.

These are traditional Kandyan dancers and drummers.

All through this, I kept texting The International Man of Intrigue to tell him we were late meeting him for lunch because we were in a parade and it was awesome!

Ok, so really, the parade wasn't that great, but any parade gets about a thousand times awesomer when you're in it by accident!

Go Lankan Lions!
Well, Fellow Adventurers, there you have it. Go forth and enjoy your Thursday. If things aren't going your way, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a parade, or Google the nearest parade and try to have your own Ferris Bueller's/Dorothy Gale's Day Off!

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