Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tuesday 5: Moving Stuff

1. I’m not sure I really have five things this week. We’re getting down to the brass tacks of moving. The pantry is almost empty and dinner is becoming like an episode of “Chopped.” I just made something along the lines of home made Hamburger Helper for dinner. Some turkey italian sausage, a can of diced tomatoes, and the last of some egg noodles that were hiding behind the regular pasta in the pantry. Throw in some random spices, and the kids acted like they’d never had anything quite so delicious.

2. I saw Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman on TV a couple of days ago. Their idea of a date night looks like it must be a visit to the plastic surgeon. It’s a pity, too, because they were both very attractive before they started nipping and tucking and botoxing. 

3. For Mother’s Day, I got an iTunes gift card so I can stock my iPod with some new music for the upcoming move and roadtrip. Any suggestions for new music? I like a little of everything. I keep meaning to check out some new Florence and the Machine and Avett Brothers, so any suggestions from them would be helpful. I’d also like upbeat suggestions for when I’m driving. 

4. For Mother's Day, we also took everything out of the master bedroom closet and stuffed it in all the other closets. Now, our closet is the "Do Not Pack" room for when the movers come. I'm also tearing apart and making messes everywhere. The art supplies, kid books, kitchen stuff, all of it, and trying to get rid of stuff. Ugh. I'll be glad when it's gone, it's getting through everything that takes too much work.

5. I don't have anything for this one because The International Man of Intrigue wants to use my laptop and it’s making me feel rushed and I can’t think under pressure.

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